The cutest dino meme token of the year

NAILONG as a unique and lovable project on the BSC. It highlights the project's mission to become the cutest dino meme token while offering valuable features and opportunities to its community members.

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The Future

NAILONG strives to create a sustainable and long-lasting ecosystem that brings joy and rewards to its holders.

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The Vision

NAILONG's vision is to become the most adorable and entertaining dino meme token in the crypto industry.

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The Mission

NAILONG's mission is to provide a fun and rewarding experience for its community members.

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The Features

Reflections, Lotteries, Community Governance


A list of tokenomics informations

SupplyDistributionsEdit Supply)
500.000.000.000 (50%)BURNT (10%)Cex listing,treasury,etc
400.000.000.000 (40%)Liquidity


Phase 1

  • Building a name and vision for the project
  • * Creating a logo and Brand
  • * Deploy the smart contract
  • * Fairlaunch on Pancakeswap
  • * Audit
  • * Partnerships
  • * The first raffle
  • * Reaching over 300 holders
  • * Tik Tok and Tweets marketing plan
  • * 50k Marketcap add more Liquidity

Phase 2

  • Upon reaching 200k Marketcap
  • * Adding more liquidity.
  • * Placing ad banners on crypto sites.
  • * extend the liquidity untill 1 year
  • * More promotion on social media (Facebook, YouTube,TikTok,Twitter..)
  • * Community events.

Phase 3

  • Upon reaching a stable level of 500k market cap
  • * Adding more liquidity
  • * More Partnerships
  • * Working with influencers and social media
  • * 5% supply burn
  • * Buy back system

Phase 4

  • When reaching a level above 1m. market cap
  • * Browsing in CMC and CG
  • * Adding more liquidity
  • * Special event and awarding of the oldest holders in the raffle
  • * build NLG Swap
  • * Fundraising for the first CEX listing


In conclusion, NAILONG is an exciting and innovative crypto project based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

With its mission to become the cutest dino meme token of the year, NAILONG aims to provide a fun and rewarding experience for its community members.

Through features such as reflections, lotteries, and community governance, NAILONG creates an engaging ecosystem where holders can enjoy passive income, participate in exciting lotteries, and actively shape the project's direction through voting.

The project's vision is to create a vibrant and inclusive community that embraces humor, passion, and engagement. With a focus on continuous development, community involvement, and transparency, NAILONG strives to leave a lasting impact in the crypto space.